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Mobile A/B Testing for iOS, Android and Unity Apps

"Splitforce’s commitment to continually test and optimize apps so that they deliver the best possible outcomes against business objectives is of paramount importance."

Barney Loehnis
Head of Digital (APAC)

We've all experienced it…

…the frustration of needing to ‘just pick’ a design or feature over another for our apps. But why guess, when you can A/B test? Say goodbye to uncertainty, and hello to data-driven decisions.

Your users aren't uniform.

And you shouldn’t treat them as such. Target experiments to specific user segments, run localized experiments for different regions and languages, and automate it all to capture even more value.

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Analytics by experts, for everyone.

Data is power, but you shouldn’t need a PhD in statistics to make your data work for your business. We’ve done the heavy-lifting to bring you A/B test reports that highlight key insights at a glance, but allow you to dive deeper when needed.

Rollout changes instantly.

Time is money, and your business can’t afford to waste either. No recompiling source code or re-submitting to the app stores. Just quick, clean deployment of your team’s best ideas.

Discover Your App's True Potential