App Analytics Weekly Archives

Welcome to App Analytics Weekly, which includes hand-picked news from around the web on how to leverage app analytics data to make more delightful, more profitable Mobile Apps.

App Analytics Weekly Issue #1 – March 24, 2014

Our first issue kicks off with some tips on optimizing your app, including articles about app color psychology, the future of paid apps, “nudging” users for app reviews, and mobile gaming trends.

App Analytics Weekly Issue #2 – April 1, 2014

This marketing focused issue talks about some great marketing tools you can use to grow your business, tips on advertising dynamics in freemium apps, and tips on keyword selection.

App Analytics Weekly Issue #3 – April 9, 2014

Data is power! This issue talks about Twitter’s data-play strategic acquisition of Cover, as well as statistical analyses and visualizations of the app store, click-through rates, app revenue, and cohorts.

App Analytics Weekly Issue #4 – April 24, 2014

This issue includes an update of Apple’s emphasis of IDFA standards, tips on data analytics and app store optimization, a churn risk breakdown, and an A/B testing case study with language learning startup Duolingo.

App Analytics Weekly Issue #5 – June 26, 2014

This issue recaps Google’s I/O developers conference and has an app funnel guide, App Annie App Index news, iTunes Connect 3 updatees, an A/B testing case study and an explanation of the “lazy assignment” user segmentation process.

App Analytics Weekly Issue #6 – July 10, 2014

This issue includes Khosla Ventures and Google’s recent fireside chat, the future of app store optimization, tips for dealing with “whales” in freemium data analysis, and case studies of Yo and Duolingo.

App Analytics Weekly Issue #7 – July 17, 2014

This issue talks about addicting games, storytelling ad campaigns, key metrics to track, and a clever growth hack.

App Analytics Weekly Issue #8 – July 24, 2014

This issue analytics on game indexes, studies on game player behavior, and A/B testing best practices for navigation elements.

App Analytics Weekly Issue #9 – July 31, 2014

This issue discusses Facebook’s mobile front, tips for optimization, ASO, and tips for indie developers.

App Analytics Weekly Issue #10 – August 7, 2014

This article discusses mobile native user experience design, game metrics advice, private messaging, deeplinks, and cohort analysis.

App Analytics Weekly Issue #11 – Aug 14, 2014

This article talks about gaming loyalty, A/B testing and data best practices, push notifications and app store evolution.

App Analytics Weekly Issue #12 – Aug 21, 2014

This issue predicts the future for mobile, and includes best practices for user acquisition, deep linking, and cohort analysis.

App Analytics Weekly Issue #13 – Aug 28, 2014

This article discusses app marketing, the future of mobile news, free-to-play games and app businesses.

App Analytics Weekly Issue #14 – Sept 4, 2014

This issue covers topics including mobile gaming, growing loyal bases, promo videos, and tablet trends.

App Analytics Weekly Issue #15 – Sept 11, 2014

This issue covers the recent release of Apple’s iWatch, iPhone 6, and app store features, along with an infographic of China’s mobile marketing trends and ways to improve your metrics.