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Why TwoDots is Impossible to Stop Playing

The latest game to come out of betaworks’ game studio, TwoDots, is impossible to put down. If you’ve played the original Dots, then you’re already familiar with how to score. Connecting same-colored dots horizontally or vertically gets you points, and making a square removes all the same-colored dots that are left on the board. But instead of keeping Dots’ original scoreboard-style gameplay, TwoDots is almost quest-like. With the addition of a new lives system, where players start with five lives, TwoDots invites players to take on a new set of challenges in each world your brave heroes (Amelia and Jacques) visit. If you run out of lives, you’re forced to take a short break while you wait for your lives to replenish. After that, the adventure can continue again. Continue reading


Developer Tool Revolution: Google I/O 2014

Google’s 2014 I/O Developers Conference ushered in a new paradigm of contextual data, and an Android experience designed to follow users naturally through their day, providing timely information when they need it, and melting into the background when they don’t. There were several projects revealed throughout the week, and we’d like to share some of our favorite new tools for the android development community. Continue reading


Lazy Assignment: Get More Done by Getting Lazy

The term “lazy assignment” is usually associated with computer programming, but as applied to A/B and multivariate testing experiments, it’s become a useful term to describe a method of test segmentation.

Evan Miller describes it beautifully on his blog, and we’d like to expand on that a bit in terms of how beneficial it can be when designing tests for apps and games. Continue reading


Are You Broadcasting Your A/B Testing Strategy to the World?

A/B testing has become super important for optimizing conversion rates in the digital world.  But a lot of the latest tech needed to run these tests requires letting the world know what tracking tools are being loaded along with your website. And not every company is comfortable with disclosing the inner workings of their marketing strategy… Continue reading