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Case Study: Marks & Spencer Boosts Usage +20%

M&S Digital Labs – the digital innovation group of multinational retailer Marks & Spencer – has as it’s mission the giant task of evolving the status quo of retail. 

To turn that vision into reality, the team at M&S Labs has committed itself to a lean approach to everything they do – experimenting with new digital products, experiences and business models to make shopping easier and better for their customers – and looking to user feedback and data to make decisions about what works, and what doesn’t. 

Among the lean methodologies the team has adopted is mobile A/B testing.

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A/B Testing

A/B Testing Best Practices

A/B testing refers to a specific type of randomized experiment in which a group of users (or participants) are presented with two variations of some thing (product, email, advertisement, landing page, whatever): a Variation A, and a Variation B. The group of users exposed to Variation A is often referred to as the control group because it’s performance is held as the baseline against which any improvement in performance observed from presenting Variation B is measured. Variation A itself is sometimes the original version of the thing being tested, and existed before the test. The group of users exposed to Variation B is called the treatment. When A/B testing is used to optimize a conversion rate, the performance of the treatment is measured against that of the control using the following calculations: Continue reading

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Why TwoDots is Impossible to Stop Playing

The latest game to come out of betaworks’ game studio, TwoDots, is impossible to put down. If you’ve played the original Dots, then you’re already familiar with how to score. Connecting same-colored dots horizontally or vertically gets you points, and making a square removes all the same-colored dots that are left on the board. But instead of keeping Dots’ original scoreboard-style gameplay, TwoDots is almost quest-like. With the addition of a new lives system, where players start with five lives, TwoDots invites players to take on a new set of challenges in each world your brave heroes (Amelia and Jacques) visit. If you run out of lives, you’re forced to take a short break while you wait for your lives to replenish. After that, the adventure can continue again. Continue reading