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Set up once, optimize forever after

Mobile A/B Testing Made Simple

Engineering resources are always in high demand, which is why we’ve focused on making life easy for your tech team. After setup, your non-technical teammates can test anything from small changes like texts and colors – to major design or feature revamps – all from the online experiment builder. No additional coding required.

Dynamic Updates for Tight Iteration Cycles

Time is money, and your business can’t afford to waste either. You need to be able to A/B test new ideas instantly, but also rollout winners and make changes to existing tests at a moment’s notice. No recompiling your app’s source code, or resubmitting to the app stores. Just quick, clean deployment of your team’s best app ideas.

Cross-Platform Support

Your users are on multiple platforms, and you’re A/B testing efforts need to be there too. We are committed to supporting all major existing and emerging platforms, and currently offer native libraries for iOS, Android and Unity projects. And when technology changes – as it so often does – we’ll be there too.

Targeted User Segments

If you’re treating all your users alike, then you’re likely leaving money on the table. Capture even more conversions and personalize the product for your users by targeting A/B tests to specific user groups. Segment your users based on virtually any criteria, from mobile OS or regional settings – to information you collect and store on your own backend using our targeting API.


Manual A/B testing can be a resource-intensive process, but it doesn’t have to be. In just one click, you can enable adaptive learning algorithms that save you time and money by gradually showing what works better more often, and pruning away the losers. Sounds like magic? Try statistics!

Learn more about the benefits of automation.

Export Your Data

We understand the value of data, and have gone the extra mile to ensure that you can use your data as you see fit. Download test reports as CSV files, or leverage our reporting API to streamline A/B testing results data to any third party or bespoke analytics platform.

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