Cloud Technology


Splitforce is built on industry-leading cloud platforms, ensuring its ability to scale massively and rapidly. No matter how quickly your user base grows, our platform will manage it effectively.


Because Splitforce is built on cloud architecture, there may sometimes be a small delay between data being set up on your dashboard, and the data being available to new clients. The data will normally be available within a matter of seconds, but occasionally under heavy traffic loads, it will take a few minutes. In the most extreme cases of heavy traffic, it may take up to an hour for data to be available for new clients.


Our distributed architecture ensures a seamless experience for both clients and developers. If the client is unable to connect to the database, pre-existing clients will continue using cached data, and store results until they can be delivered. New clients will use your hardcoded default variations. The library is smart enough to make new segmentation decisions even if it’s offline, ensuring that we collect the maximum amount of usable data to support your decisions.

Although we can’t control your customer’s internet quality of service, we can ensure they get the best experience when they are online. Splitforce’s online dashboard consistently achieves 99.9% uptime - a maximum of 9hrs downtime per year, and the Splitforce library is maintains 100% uptime.