Getting Started

Step 1: Add Your App

After you create an account, the first thing you’ll do is enter your app’s name or URL on the iTunes or Google Play store and click “Next Step”.

Step 2: Setup a Goal

What metric do you want to improve?
You can measure taps, purchases, app ratings, purchase amounts, session lengths and more – anywhere in your app – to track how changes are making your app perform better or worse.

What metrics should I track?
Read our article on Goal Types to better understand the types of metrics you can improve.

Mobile A/B Testing Goal Types

Step 3: Create An Experiment

What changes do you think will improve your app?
You can point-and-click to create variations of anything from promotions and prices, to sales text and button colors, to game physics and level design. The best part is, you can deploy new variations or rollout the best performers to your entire user base without altering your app’s source code or going through the headache of app store submission.

What changes should I test?
You can read our article on Element Types to learn more about the types of changes you can test out.

iOS, Android, and Unity A/B Testing - Element Types

Step 4: Localize, Target & Auto-Optimize

What are the differences between your groups of users?
You can localize variations for device language settings, target an experiment to a specific group of users based on a wide range of conditions, and auto-optimize for each user segment so avoid the pain of actively managing your experiments.

You can read our articles on Personalization and Auto-Optimization to learn more about these powerful features and how to best leverage them.

Step 5: Launch Time!

You can view how your experiment is performing in real-time, turn off losing variations and rollout statistically confident winners to the entire experiment population in just one click.

Splitforce’s mobile A/B testing library is simple for developers to install. If you’re not a developer, you can send your colleague a link to the following platform-specific documentation:

iOS: Manual | CocoaPods
Android: Manual | Maven (coming soon)

Step 6: Rollout a Winner

When you decide it’s time to roll out a winner, setting the winning variation on the website will cause all clients to switch over to that variation. The rollout will propagate to the client’s first launch within a maximum of 24 hours, then will take effect on the second launch. For finer control, Splitforce can also roll out a winning variation to individual segments, while continuing experiments on other segments.